Esbit Solid Fuel Tablet (12 count)
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Use the Esbit Solid Fuel Cubes for your Esbit stove or other folding stoves. Esbit makes the original German-made Solid Fuel Tablets that are virtually smokeless and odorless. The imitations will not perform the same. Generates up to 1400°F of intense heat, providing 12 to 15 min. useable burn time per cube.


  • Non-toxic fuel is environmentally safe, has no ash residue and is nearly odorless
  • Does not liquefy when burning; burns efficiently even at high altitudes
  • Easily lights with ordinary wooden matches, and can be extinguished and saved for reuse
  • Can also be used as a safe and easy-to-use fire-starter for campfires
  • Tablets are individually sealed
  • Item #: EFUEL12X14
  • Manufacturer: Esbit
  • Condition: New

Esbit Solid Fuel Tablet (12 count)

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