HSGI MOLLE Hunting Single Rifle Taco
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 For the first time ever, HSGI has introduced a limited run of their famous Rifle Taco and Pistol Taco in multicam and woodland camo but with orange bungee for hunting season! These new "hunting tacos" are a one time only run and when they're gone, they're gone! We are one of the first dealers to receive these and we are even offering them with a extra length of bungee cord to change out the orange color for the standard tan (for multicam) or olive drab (for woodland) in case you want to use them in a tactical environment.

There is no extra charge for the additional bungee cord. 

Now your tacos can change with the season!

This unique pouch uses injection molded polymer sides, Cordura™ front and back, and shock cord lacing to lock just about any rifle magazine into place. USGI, HK, PMAG, ARC, FAL, AK 30/ 40, LR20 and M14 magazines are all held securely and deployed easily and silently on demand.

The TACO® even works for certain radios, flash bangs and smoke grenades and provides this versatility while taking up only 3” horizontal inches on your platform.

The TACO® maintains a positive, adjustable grip on its contents without additional securing systems. However, if additional retention is desired webbing tabs are sewn in on the top for use of "over the top" bungee retainers and loop Velcro is sewn on the interior if the users wishes to use adhesive hook on the magazine.

Covered by HSGI's® Lifetime Warranty. Made in the USA. HSG Clips Included.

  • Item #: HSG-RHT
  • Manufacturer: HSGI
  • Condition: New

HSGI MOLLE Hunting Single Rifle Taco

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