Mil Spec Monkey/Tactical Tailor Loop Panel-Pack Of 2
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The MSM Loop Panel has 2" slots on the inner elastic and a 4" slot on the outer elastic. These are sewn down about .5" from the ends to help prevent the panel from curling and detaching when large items are placed inside. As an unplanned perk, these sewn endpoints form elastic loops that are great for holding pens and markers. To prevent curling even further, thick no joke plastic is used for rigidity. Jumping back to the interior, the base is made out of gripper webbing which gives a mean hold. Thus these panels will hold onto items like pistol magazines and keep their placement much more stable than other loop products.

When it comes to uses, the 2" slots work great for flashlights, multitools, folding knives, pistol magazines and more. The 4" slot doesn't have the mean grip, but can hold onto rifle magazines, medical gear, and other soft goods. Since the size is overall small, the panels can be custom placed in multiples to solve more holding problems. An example is mounting 2 staggered in a vertical position to hold screwdriver type tools. A user can also have an item such as pliers fit in the 4" slot of one panel, but a 2" slot on another at the same time. For the final touch, grey and black colors are used to visually distinguish between the elastic loops while still looking tacti-cool.

Panels are sold in a 2 Pack and are approx 5"x2" each

Made in the USA!

  • Item #: MSM-LPL
  • Manufacturer: Mil Spec Monkey
  • Condition: New

Mil Spec Monkey/Tactical Tailor Loop Panel-Pack Of 2

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