Vargo Titanium Ti-Lite Mug 750
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Titanium Ti-lite Mug 750 is one of our most popular and versatile products. Large enough to cook single entree meals yet small and compact enough to enjoy an early morning cup of coffee or tea while fitting anywhere in your pack. It even fits a 32 oz. Nalgene bottle inside for easy packing.  Your ultralight cook system starts here!


Ultralight titanium construction

750 ml capacity (25 oz)


Vargo original strainer lid

Foldaway handles

Stay cool rim

Polished interior

Mesh storage bag


Weight          Size                  Capacity

4.9 ounces   3.8"D x 4.2"H    750 milliliters

(139 grams)   (95 x 105 mm)    (25 oz)

  • Item #: VAR-401
  • Manufacturer: Vargo
  • Condition: New

Vargo Titanium Ti-Lite Mug 750

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